Appalam Manufacturers-Retailers in India

Appalam Manufacturers-Retailers in India
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Siva Exports – Appalam Manufacturers-Retailers in India, Tamilnadu, Madurai

Siva Exports is one of the best appalam manufacturers-retailers in India, Tamilnadu, Madurai.
Appalam is the main dish on Indian meal.
Appalams carry with them, a legacy, and that legacy needs to be upheld in every grain that goes into the manufacturing of this signature food product. Especially Our appalams are naturally dried in the sun so that natural flavors are kept without attenuation. Also who needs artificial flavors and colors when the natural flavors are a plenty!?
Our appalams are 100% Vegan, and it makes these crispier fit for every platter. Although Our utmost commitment to quality and authenticity makes our appalams ideal for all ages… from ages 2 to 90!
Since We are one of the best Traditional Handmade Appalam Manufacturers in Tamil Nadu. Under our popular papad brand we still Manufacture & distribute hand made Appalam papad and machine made papad products like moong papad, urad papad, chana papad, masala papad, garlic papad, methi papad, tiranga papad, lilka papad, sindhi jeera papad, dal papad, sada papad. Our papad brand is specially very reliable & popular in Tamilnadu, Delhi, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Hariyana, Rajasthan, MP and UP. We are supplying export quality papad/appalam all over India.

Orange Appalam

Siva Exports is one of the best Manufacturers and Exporters of Papad (Appalam) from Madurai, Tamilnadu, India for the Past 35 Years of Sucessful Experience.
Our product range of Appalam includes Popadoms, Pappads & Lentil Wafers. The product Papadum is also known as Papad, Pappad, Papparde, Pappadam, Pappadom, Pappadum, Popadam, Pompadum, Poppadam, Poppadom, Appadum, Appalum, Appala, Appoll, Papari, Pamporo, Puppodum, Pampad, Happala, Lion Brand Appalam, Popper & Traditional Papads.
Also We have a presence in the field of Papad, Oils, Spices, Groceries. We are Indian leading Papad Manufacturing Factories in Tamilnadu and exporters.

Benefits of eating papad
  • It is a good appetiser
  • Also It is helpful in digestion
  • In Addition, When eaten in moderation, you can avail protein and other nutrients carried out by the ingredients.
  • Papad is gluten-free food since it is prepared from lentils.
  • Also Papad has dietary fiber
  • Also Papad is low-calorie snack
  • similarly Papad act as probiotic snack that assimilate macro and micro nutrients from the food you eat.
  • Moreover Papad promotes healthy metabolism.
How do you add crunch to your day? With Siva Exports’s quick, easy and tasty Papads, there’s more than one reason to take a 5 minute break with friends and get over those hunger pangs with a light snack. Similarly Udad Papad and Sago Papad. Which are good for fasting days.  Since Our Papads are best as Masala Papad the difference is it consumes and retains less oil on surface hence does not leave a peculiar after taste !! Moreover Choose from a wide variety like Urad Papad and more and enjoy Papads that are just as crisp as the flowing conversation!
Call it papadum, cracker, or an Indian wafer- papad is a flat bread made from dried lentils. Also You can eat them in roasted or fried form. Papad exporters India are already supplying a variety of papad flavours to the consumers. We are Indian leading papad manufacturers and exporters.
A basic papad is made of ingredients like urad dhall flour, Papad Khar, Hings,Salt & Water. Orange papad manufacturers India are making vast range of papads to suit every individual requirements. Moreover They know the importance of this Indian wafer as people across India are having it with every meal. It is highly served or used as starter with main course meal. Since It is a perfect example of the genius of Indian cuisine. Also You can get papad into different sizes and textures like Udad papad, big papads, khakra, Appalam papad, etc.

An FSSAI/ APEDA Certified Appalam Company

Under our popular Appalam brand we Manufacture & distribute hand made papad and machine made papad products like moong papad, urad papad, chana papad, masala papad, garlic papad, methi papad, tiranga papad, lilka papad, sindhi jeera papad, dal papad, sada papad. Also Our papad brand is specially very reliable & popular in Delhi, Gujraat, Hariyana, Rajasthan, MP and UP.
Also we are manufacturing several varities of appalam & selling in wholesale & retail.
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